Thursday, July 18, 2013

WoodyFest Recap!

Big surprise!  WoodyFest kicked ass, yet again! :)  Every year the show is special in so many different ways.   It's a break from the regular, it's time outdoors, it's time spent with family, it's time with good tunes but this year, there were a few added bonuses.  I'll start with the obvious biggie... 
...THIS kid.  Bringing the rug rat to the festival where her dad and I met was just some bizarrely awesome full circle thing.  I should have known she would ace her first festival with flying colors but I was, of course, a little nervous.  Not only did she endure three nights of staying up past midnight listening to folk music while teething and periodically getting rained on (the rain was SO welcome) but she also was a doll to everyone she encountered (except her uncle which was pret-ty funny :)
In the evenings when we vended, she was either on my back, in a family member's arms or in the pack n play we brought along playing with water bottles or making eyes at shoppers.  Did I mention how awesome she was during the festival?  I know next year she'll be alllll over the place but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!
Added bonus number two this year was sharing a booth with two righteously awesome ladies - Kim of Blue Marble Market and Holly of Hollyrocks.  It was SO good to get to know these gals better and to share one of my favorite Okie events with them!  Kim brought along her two kiddos who kept Rio quite entertained the first night and Holly brought along her hubby who kept the mister quite entertained the last night :)
I was stoked to see so many of my sewn creations find new homes!  I've found a new love with sewing but it's been new territory for me to have that side of me at shows after doing jewelry only for so many years.  It's so reaffirming to see people embrace those creations at shows.  Makes me mega happy :)
And for me, no WoodyFest is complete without mention of the sunsets.  I've seen 33+ years worth of sunsets and none ever seem to measure up to the ones I have witnessed out there.  Just spectacular.
The mister says this was his favorite Woody yet.  I may have to agree...


  1. With two pros for parents, it's little wonder that your progeny would be such a festival natural.

  2. I know I've already said this multiple times, but I had SUCH a blast and am a true Woodyfest believer now. I think it's hilarious that your little lady would fuss at Brent's foxy brother, because he's probably used to getting nice treatment from the ladies so she thought she needed to throw him a curve ball. She's a little firecracker and I love it!

    Also Mitch is not a big fan of this word, but it was sweet to see a little bromance unfolding between our men. Thanks again for bringing us in on the awesome times!


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