Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One of Those Outfits: Fancy Pants in the Classroom

Yesterday was somewhat of a big day, which required my second pair of big pants! :)
I went back to teaching yesterday, which is technically my second semester back but this time around, I'm tackling two classes!  ESL Speaking and Reading, to be exact.  What makes this a bit different this semester is that I'm gone all day long meaning I'm away from Rio all day long.  This also means we don't nurse in the middle of the day anymore and we rise almost two hours earlier than before.  I was worried about how those changes would go over but so far, so good!  My mom graciously watches her for me so I can start to earn a real income again and so I can put my smarts to use! :)  It's also nice to have an extended baby break for a bit twice a week!
This semester, our department in the college has made some changes so our enrollment numbers have practically doubled which means lots of classes, lots of need for teachers and lots of amazing diversity!  After meeting my students yesterday, I learned that I have students from Syria, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Peru, India, and Iran to name a few off the top of my head.  Love it.
Since we're rising so much earlier in the morning, I chose my outfit the night before so I wouldn't waste anytime blankly staring at my closet.  I went with simple and comfy - big surprise.  Like I mentioned before, I freaking LOVE these pants.  The only issue I have with them is that as Rio is wanting to walk more, she tends to pull up on my leg which means these elastic-banded pants don't necessarily want to stay up.  My baby depants me.  Hilarious to all.  With such positive feedback regarding these pants, I'm thinking of whipping up a few more pairs to put in the shop when I get a little downtime.  It will be hard not to keep them all for myself though!  Addicted.  

Pants - Self Made / Sparkling Tank - Target Clearance / Cardigan - Target Clearance / Earrings - Antique Enamel found in Czech Republic by my Dad / Bracelet - Flea Market / Shoes - Target Clearance

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  1. I will take a pair of those pants, please and thank you very much.


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