Friday, August 2, 2013

One of Those Outfits: The Feed Store Dress { A Refashion & An Homage }

I took a bit of time away from tiny clothes and baby gifts to work on a growing pile of things for myself!  I LOVE vintage shift dresses that zip up the front and snag them up when I see them for a good price.  A few weeks ago, I found this one at an estate sale for two bucks.  Mine.  The problem was that when I got home and tried it on, it was HUGE.  Into the someday pile it went.
Someday came sooner than I anticipated and I got it taken care of in a snap!  Believe it or not, with as much sewing as I've done over the past few years, I've never sized something down like this.  All I did was put it on inside out, used a seam gauge to mark how far I wanted to take it in, pin it accordingly, try it on again with the pins (ouch!) and then serge up the sides!  I probably took it in five dress sizes and saved all of the scraps for some kiddo stuff :)  I then chopped off the sleeves the same length as another similar dress, serged those edges, folded them under and hemmed them.  Easy peasy!
When I first tried on the dress before altering it, the mister said I looked like a big picnic blanket.  Yesterday he retracted that statement and complimented that it DIDN'T make me look like a picnic blanket anymore! My dad referred to me as Betty Crocker but I take that as a compliment.  I've been calling it the feed store dress though.  Why?....
Because of this.  

Remember how I'm scanning pictures like a maniac?  Well, this was a slide that I finally figured out how to scan.  The man pictured below was my Great Grandpa Sangster, Cleo's husband.  He died one month before I was born so to me, he's always been a man I've known through prideful stories and now many photos.  The day I scanned in this slide (two days ago) would have been his 98th birthday.  He is the original namesake of where my sister adopted her musical name, Sangster.  At one point in time during my great grandparents' life, they owned and ran this feed store.  How amazing is this photo, capturing that moment in time?  In color even!  That truck! That typography!  That hat!
 This dress obviously reminds me of the Feed Store photo because of the red and white pattern but it also makes me think of my Great Granny and Granny thanks to my memories of them and the outfits they don in the images I'm so immersed in.  
Everything feels so connected lately.  Everything.

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