Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Cameron Quilt

The strangest thing happened to me a few weeks ago that I never saw coming - someone actually asked me to make them a quilt.  I don't know why but for some reason, I never really thought that someone would WANT me to make them a quilt but I was beyond honored and excited by the request!

So, my guidelines were simple, green, black, small (crib size), for a newborn boy, and done by the end of September.  Um, green and black?  You are speaking my language!  And small?  Yes!

I had a very small amount of the green striped fabric leftover from other projects and decided to use that as my focal point.  One thing you should know about me is that I'm very mono-chromatically-minded meaning I'm all about grouping different shades of one color together.  It just works for me.  You should see some of the rooms in our house :)  That being said, I had absolutely no problem mixing the greens in this blanket!

The two smaller green stripes are leftover fabric scraps from my biggest quilt yet and the larger, lighter green stripes are from some vintage fabric that I had previously used as random table coverings at shows!  The black and white fabric is actually not vintage but man oh man, is it cool!  I bought it at a garage sale I happened upon a few months ago where I cleaned up on some amazing fabrics for pennies!  She's supposed to be destashing more soon so I've been keeping my eyes open for those signs to pop up :)

I began by building the middle section of the top first.  I had no idea where I would go from there but trusted that I would figure it out!  I toyed with doing something fancy but simple on the backside and ended up HAVING to put that strip in the middle as the backing fabric that I pulled out to use wasn't quite long enough.  I'm glad it worked out the way it did though because I love it!
When I finally got to the quilting stage, I decided to just 'stitch in the ditch' and then decided to free-style stitch in the larger green areas...which I ended up HATING when I was done.  So after I had completely finished the quilt, I went through and unpicked alllllllll of that free-style stitching and am SO glad I did because it made all of the difference in the world!
In regards to my binding, I bought my bias tape this time around instead of making it!  Knowing I just wanted a simple, black edge, I figured buying it would be my smartest option.  It was. 

Of course it's a given how much I love the colors but I also love so much more.  I love the design, I love the different textures that will be perfect for little hands but mostly, I love the fact that someone wanted me to do this for them!  :)

Now on to my next one...

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