Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Robbie Quilt

My latest mini quilt was made for a little man inside of the dear Heather of Audrey Eclectic.  Heather is a very talented folk artist who I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the years in our local crafting community.  Also, she is married to an old friend of mine from college which is doubly awesome! :)  Some of our crafty friends got together yesterday to celebrate Heather and her little fam with a handmade baby shower and of course, I had to make her a little quilt! 

I actually started this one out in a completely different direction.  I had a nautical theme in my head and had found the most adorable whale fabric at Owl & Drum that I had planned to use.  I had pulled out a pile of fabrics to use with it but it just wasn't jiving for I completely changed my game plan and now I have some whale fabric to do something with someday! :) 

I pulled out this patterned fabric that I've had for a few years now and knew that it was the one.  It has the strangest collection of old world crafts depicted and nautical-ish stuff while focusing on the New England/Boston area.  If you know Heather, you'll know that this is SO her.  It was meant to be!  The companion fabrics were randoms that I dug out.  The tie-dyed blue and gold star fabric I have had foreverrrrrr and I absolutely love them both.  I have such small amounts of both that I am very selective of where I use them.  Again, meant to be!  When I had finished, Brent said it was very British looking.  Mission accomplished.

For once I didn't stitch in the ditch at all!  I got really fancy and stitched on either SIDE of the ditch.  Groundbreaking, I tell ya ;)  I love the way it ended up looking and am especially proud of the stitch work on this one.  Now, don't look too closely at my binding on this one though...not my best work but it got the job done!

The light blue fabric looks very similar to that on my last quilt but they are, in fact, different fabrics.  I really like the look of having something happening on the backside of quilts so I used some of the scraps from the front to make a haphazard strip.  I quite enjoy how the quilting looks on the back of this one as well. 

When I bound my quilt, I used some vintage bias tape that I had on hand.  I stitched one side of it on and when I went to complete it, well, that's when I realized it was a skinnier tape than what I usually use.  Lesson learned to check that BEFORE I stitch half of it on!  It's not my best binding but it's also not my worst :)  Gives it character, right?

I can't WAIT to meet little Robbie!  I have no doubt that he's going to be an amazing little man with a family like his!  See you soon, little man!


  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift, Briana! It is so perfect--- all nautical, britishy and New England sweet. I cant wait to see little Robbie on it! In a year, he and Rio will totally be hanging together at the craft shows!


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