Sunday, October 27, 2013

Twelve Months of Rio, in Polaroids

When Brent and I got married, we had a Polaroid guestbook.  The guests would snap their own photos, put them in a special book and write whatever they wanted by their photo.  It's quite fun to go back through those captures.  We ended up with two or three boxes of Polaroid film leftover so I just stuck it back.  Every once in a while, we'd snap a random photo but, since that film is like gold, we used it very sparingly.  Fast forward five years to the end of my pregnancy and we pulled the camera back out, committing to take a photo of Rio with the leftover wedding film every month to stick in her baby book.  There are a few months where the photo is one day early or one day late but most are on her month-birthday.  There are a few extra special photos of her thrown in too.  Each photo was affixed to its own page in her baby book and around the photo, we wrote little notes about her development, cute things she was doing and so on.  I love that we did this and love that it was a continuation of our union, five years ago.  We still have a bit left so I'm thinking that now, we'll take a photo yearly on her birthday to continue the tradition.
It's amazing how much change takes place in a year.  In her and in us.

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