Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas With The Kid

While we were 'snowed in' a few weeks ago, we pulled out the Christmas decorations!  Last year, Rio was only about 3 months old and did nothing more than stare at the pretty lights.  Well this year, she's allllll hands...and it's awesome.  She still does get excited for the lights though.  Last night when I turned them on, she audibly gasped and it was the cutest thing ever. 
Only one ornament has met its fate so far and that's ok.  We placed kid friendly ornaments towards the bottom of the tree so she can pull them off and (try to) put them back on the tree.  She certainly has some favorites!  A friend of mine gave us three smaller trees of hers that she no longer needed for her shop and they've just been the greatest.  Not only did I use them at Alliday but they've allowed us to be a bit more festive around the house.  The tallest of the three stands next to our big tree and in a way, it's become Rio's tree.  
The only difficult part (if you even consider it difficult) is keeping her away from the gifts which she is REALLY interested in.  I'm really looking forward to Christmas morning when she can actually tear into her gifts.  :)  And to think, these holidays will only continue to get more enjoyable for us all through her.  I still haven't made her stocking yet though....six days left...I've got this.

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  1. Seeing your adorable child smile at me when I was at work yesterday worked wonders to elevate my mood. I love that kid!


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