Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winding Down

Our tiny family got the gift of being able to spend the last ten days together!  Tomorrow work begins  and routines will show their face again but at least we've been able to take a much needed breather together.  
Our holidays were grand.  Nothing over the top and a few really rough nights for the kid but everything was still absolutely perfect.  We decided to stay in town Christmas Eve so Rio could have Christmas morning at her own home.  We set up the tripod and recorded 26 minutes of us opening presents, just like my dad used to do when we were kids.  It was a hoot to watch later.  After our home movie debut, we packed up the car and spent the night in Okemah with Brent's family. 
As I'm learning with having a child, birthdays and Christmas overload you with STUFF.  We've spent the last day or so reorganizing her goodies and pulling out things she's outgrown to pass along to friends with bebes.  The house has gotten a good overhaul all around and it feels great.  We're also gearing up for a small New Year's bash here in a few days so our cleaning has come from many motivations.  

I'm back to family-time now before real life starts back up again!  See you next year!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad your little family has been enjoying some quiet time. Lord knows you deserve it, busy bee!


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