Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life with Rio: 15.5 Months

It's been quite some time since our last official Rio update, so much so that she feels like a different kid! Where in the world to begin?
Let's start with eating as it's Rio's favorite thing to do!  She's yet to meet a food she didn't like and eats like a champ.  There may be a chance that I use food to chill her out in a fit.  Maybe.  She completely feeds herself now and yesterday she successfully and consistently used a spoon!  I was QUITE floored by her ease with this.  And the kicker?  It was all with her left hand.  We've been noticing that that may be her dominant hand.  A leftie!  Anywho, back to grubbin'.  It's safe to say that her favorite foods are cheese, cottage cheese, spaghetti, bananas and cheese.  Did I say cheese already?  Good, it's her fave fave. 

We completely weaned right after her first birthday around mid-November and it was easier than I ever imagined it could have been. I didn't really experience any lament for leaving nursing behind because I think I was ready to be done.  I wasn't really sure what I thought about nursing before we began but I wanted to give it a whirl.  My ultimate goal was a year and despite many hurdles (that damn infection!) we made it but I was glad to see the end of it.  Nursing is hard work!  I will never judge a soul for not nursing (and never did).  She does currently get a small bottle right before bed of milk.  We're working on weaning that out but just haven't yet.
Sleeping.  MY favorite activity of hers!  ;)  For the most part she is a stellar sleeper...once she is asleep.  Sometimes it takes a little while to get her down and every once in a while (mainly during molar time, thus far) she'll wake up and be up for multiple hours...and it's exhausting.  Luckily, we haven't had one of those nights in a few weeks, knock on wood!  Typically, this kid crashes around 7 and sleeps anywhere between 7-9.  I love those 9 mornings!  She's still a one-nap-a-day kid which has always worked out well for us.  Some days she'll nap one hour and some days it's three but our golden number is two. Co-sleeping is a thing of the past for us now.  It's all about the crib and it's awesome.

This kid is a freaking character.  She is a certifiable dancing machine and it NEVER fails to make me smile.  She's quite the mimic these days from using her tiny guitar as a phone, sssssss-ing the cats out of plants or attempting to say what you've just spouted, she's all about the game shadow.  It's time I really start to watch my mouth! 
Here are a few of our recent highlights (and there are SO many):  Carrying the cats, reading Goodnight Moon to herself out loud, hugging the fuzzies, giving us hugs and kisses, showing us her belly while patting it proudly, playing piano, surprising us with new words daily and speaking adorable gibberish.  Everyday is full of something new.

Not only is she producing language now (up, Mondo, Vera, baby, Mama, bird, book, more...) but she is understanding what we say more and more...and I love it!  We're beginning to close that communication gap and while I know that will pretty much continue forever, I'm glad that we're starting to understand each other better already.  
In other news, she runs!  She ditched crawling a few months back and quickly put it into high gear.  She's also a daring climber.  That's fun and exciting and terrifying.  Lately she's into spinning.  With that and her love for dancing, I smell a future club kid!  ;)  I do love that she's more mobile now.  More mobility equals getting into more stuff.  Being a person with lots of *stuff*, I was a little worried about baby proofing our house.  Luckily, that was tons easier than I thought it would be and actually fueled my desire to try and simplify our home some.  

One reason I'm REALLY glad we're not nursing anymore is because this kid has TWELVE teeth now!  Four molars and those eight front teeth.  We didn't really have any issues with the front chompers coming in but those molars were a different story.  Those were the sleepless nights.  I know we've got more molars that will be here soon and more than likely, more of those sleepless nights but we'll all survive.  
She's definitely not a shy kid.  She LOVES to be the center of attention and if you laugh, she'll likely bust out some belly laughs with you.  She's a stitch.  I love her more each and every day. 

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