Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get Organized!

Sometime last year before life went cray-cray, I had what I thought was a genius moment.  Genius may be up for debate but I did have a welcomed spark of creativity and went with it.  I had ordered a large amount of gold hoops to use on making adjustable belts but when my order came in, the hoops were much larger than what I had anticipated.  After a good amount of time was spent staring at them and scratching my chin wondering what to do, I figured it out!  Hanging jewelry holders!  It would help me use up scraps of fabric and quilt batting, would put the hoops to good use, and allow me to practice free motion quilting!  I made a few and fell in LOVE with them so I made more and more, as I do. 

So why do I love them?  It keeps jewelry organized and as we all know, I'm allllll about that organization business.  Just pierce earrings and pins through the (thick and sturdy!) quilted fabric and hang necklaces and bracelets on the hoops.  Easy peasy.  I even like the idea of hanging hook earrings through the side tassels!  Keeps your baubles from getting lost in a drawer, makes them easy to see when getting ready, and, as an added bonus, when you travel just take the sucker off of the wall, fold it up and you're on your way! 

With the move and all, I never got around to photographing them until these past snow days gifted me with unexpected free time and sunshine.  I've sold a few through shows but still have these (and a few more) now listed in my shop.  Trying to focus on my own handmade business once again!  Party time!  Excellent!
Until later!

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