Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Working Together

The kid is at such an interactive stage now that I have to figure out ways to include her into my creative work so we both stay entertained simultaneously.  The majority of the time, Rio is by my side which can be challenging but can also be inspiring.  We play with shapes, talk about colors, play with scrap fabric, and whatever else I can pull out of my arse to keep her engaged.  The other day, we created together.  Kinda.
About a year ago my Mimi (merely one of the most awesome women I've ever had the honor of knowing) gifted Rio with a pretty cool onesie from the Oxley Nature Center.  She was told that the images on it would change to colors when in the sunlight which sounded pretty cool but the problem was that we haven't put Rio in onesies in a really, really long time.  I threw it in my altering pile to change it up somehow and never thought of it again as (I keep saying) life got crazy.  Finally, a year later, I made it wearable.  Luckily it was huge so she's still nowhere near growing out of it.
It's obviously nothing fancy and took maybe ten minutes to complete but it's done and she loves it which is all I really care about.  I simply cut the bottom of the onesie off below the design, gave Rio three fabric options to choose from, and sewed on a long skirt once she had chosen her favorite fabric.  Easy peasy.  I may go back and add a few oversized pockets to it since pockets are this kid's new best friend.
A few days later, we did a quick 'costume change' just for kicks and ended up going outside to soak up this spring weather that is teasing us.  Within minutes, colors started popping up and we were all slightly amazed.  Would that be the same concept as a hypercolor shirt?  Remember those?

And just because, here's a few snaps of Mondo and Rio giving each other some lovin'. 
Yeah, almost too sweet to handle, isn't it?

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