Friday, April 17, 2015

Belated Alliday Lovin'

This post is waaaaaay overdue but better late than never! 

Last December, I resurrected Alliday.  If you remember, I wrote a bajillion words as to why I was done with the show I dreamt up and why I was ok with that.  Turns out, I wasn't done with it.  Alliday hadn't died in me, it just needed a facelift, if you will.  So the Fifth Annual Alliday happened.  And it was glorious.  After the previous show, I cried afterwards because I just didn't feel fulfilled and happy about it.  After last year's show, I cried again.  I cried because I was so damn happy with how everything turned out.  Everything was fun.  Everything.  The planning was enjoyable, the changes were exciting to execute, our event hosts were simply wonderful, the artists were absolute delights, and again Tulsa was so supportive!  I am BEYOND glad that I made it happen, that I asked for partners, and that I didn't let my dream die. 

We moved the show to the fabulous RetroDen, shrunk the show from 80 artists to 12, extended the show from one day to two days, had live music, set up a bar, had a scrumptious food truck pull up, and filled both days with more goodness than I could have ever imagined.  It felt so much more personalized, much more me.  The changes we implemented had to happen for the show to continue and those changes are, without a doubt, what made the show shine and what made my heart burst with joy. 

To those who were a part of this special event, I can't even thank you enough.  For those who have supported this dream over the years and shop with us, your encouragement is gold.  Here are just a sampling of photos from the 5th Annual Alliday, in no particular order..  More smile-inducing pictures can be seen here and here

Happy Alliday!  Cheers to the future!

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