Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Because

Because sometimes I like to lose myself in old posts.  Because sometimes my favorite posts are those without a clear purpose.  Because sometimes the things lost in the every day are what make the day so special.  Because I had a good weekend.

Not pictured:  TONS of quilting on a monster that is almost complete, a flea market date with the little one, popsicles out back, tending to the plants, a bit of deep floor cleaning, lunching in Papa's backyard, visiting with old friends, successful parallel parking, toy cars everywhere, a full moon, watching the kitten chase a bug in the house, Prince playing on repeat, and the realization for a certain tiny person that apples don't need to be cut up to eat.

The kid took a random, early nap in the car on Saturday so I decided to just keep on Broken Arrow where we surprised my Papa with our lunch in tow.  We found him sitting out back, enjoying the beautiful weather so we joined him for a bit.  She took advantage of the vast yard to show us how fast leopards run and I took advantage of a cute moment between her Great Papa and his only Great Grandchild.
Later that day, the mister and I did a kid switch off and I went to meet some members of my quilt guild to tour Joe Cunningham's quilt show.  LOVED examining his work in person and loved spending some extra time with my quilt-y friends.  It was a wonderful time and honestly, a bit unexpected! 
Sunday was the kid and I for most of the day.  I did get to sleep in however (cue angels singing!) thanks to a generous mister which gave me lots of 'get up and go' in regards to housework!  Later that afternoon, I picked up a Palmer and we headed to a fundraiser for The Grief Center.  During Alliday last year, Owl & Drum organized a community quilt project where everyone who wanted to could help build a quilt.  Eventually, we finished piecing the quilt and had it quilted.  It was then donated to The Grief Center who decided to auction it off at their fundraiser to send children to grief camp.  Palmer and I were able to sneak out of 'real life' for a few hours to attend the fundraiser and see our quilt featured!  It was a great feeling.  And it was fun to go do something different!
Not pictured:  feelings of pride, my awe for our non-stop growing kid, my gratitude for the life we've built, happiness.

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