Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Quilt for My Mom

My mom turned 60 this past Saturday!  We celebrated, oh did we celebrate, and I'm certain the memories will put a smile on our faces for many years to come.  In a nutshell, my dad and I planned a day full of surprises including flying my sister in for the weekend, having family photos taken, and topped off with a huge surprise party!  It was a grand day and it wasn't even my own birthday.  :)

I reeeeeally prefer to give handmade gifts for any celebration.  My mom's birthday was no exception!  Recently my mom passed along allllllll of her sewing notions, fabrics, and books to me.  Remember, she was once quite the sewist.  Included in the stash of hand-me-downs was a stack of nine-patch quilt blocks, approximately 50 of them actually.  I thought about passing them along to our guild for a charity quilt when it hit me, I was going to make the quilt that she started almost 30 years ago for her!
I took the blocks to our cabin sewing weekend and the ladies helped me put the blocks together which made my heart incredibly happy.  There was also a stack of cut squares in a green color-way that you could tell were also supposed to be blocks so I decided to use them on the edges to give a little pop of (my favorite) color and to include the final color that my mom had originally intended to be part of the quilt.
For the back of the quilt, I also used fabric from my mom's old stash - a soft gentle white with light blue polka dots.  I included a strip of a few leftover blocks to give the quilt a modern kick.  For quilting, I straight-lined it and used four different subtle thread colors.  I bound it in three different fabrics but the most notable was bias tape made from some of Rio's painting fabric.  It was a perfect match.
She loved the fabric choices because she chose them (duh!), she was wonderfully surprised with the finished quilt, and it was even used right off the bat for a disco nap before her surprise party!  But the best part, if you ask me, is how many people made this quilt a quilt.  So many hands and hearts made it and filled it with beaucoup positive energy and creativity.  Happy Birthday, Moma!

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